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RECOIL & FIRING PIN SPRING PAKS offer replacement recoil springs and firing pin or striker springs, to replace broken or weakened springs, returning the pistol to original factory operating condition. These spring paks, in most cases, are designed for direct installation with no fitting required.

LOAD-RATED RECOIL SPRINGS are precision springs designed to exact load ratings. The load rating of these springs is determined with the slide in full recoil position. Load-rated recoil springs are designed to offer maximum flexibility for the shooter by allowing adjustment of the recoil function to individual requirements. Factors such as ammunition loadings, individual pistol characteristics, compensators and individual shooting styles all influence the recoil function. Optimum recoil and pistol functioning can usually be obtained by changing the recoil spring rating to meet these variables. Due to these and others variables, W.C. Wolff Company can not make specific recommendations regarding which recoil spring is correct for a particular combination or situation. We do recommend that recoil springs lighter than the factory rating not be used with full power ammunition loads - damage to the pistol may occur. An extra power firing pin spring, or striker spring where appropriate, is supplied with all Wolff recoil springs, unless noted otherwise.

Conventional Recoil Spring vs. Variable Recoil Springs
For an explanation, please see to our FAQ Section.

RECOIL CALIBRATION PAKS are offered to allow the shooter a choice of recoil springs to calibrate the recoil function when the correct spring rating is not known. These paks offer a savings of 20% over the same purchase of individual springs. The shooter starts with the strongest spring in the pak and works down until the desired recoil function is obtained.
PISTOL SERVICE PAKS contain most of the important coil-type springs for a particular pistol to replace weakened, broken or missing springs, returning the pistol to original factory specifications. Unless noted otherwise, all springs are designed to provide original factory ratings. Service paks are available with or without a magazine spring. Magazine springs provided are 5% stronger than the factory to assure proper feeding.

MAGAZINE SPRINGS are generally offered 5% and 10% stronger than original factory springs. Wolff magazine springs are made using the finest quality spring wire and provide long life without fatigue. In the case of Colt pistols, we now offer reduced power magazine springs intended for use with compensators and very light loads.

HAMMER SPRINGS & HAMMER SPRING PAKS offer hammer springs of various ratings to adjust the double-action and/or let-off function of certain pistols to individual requirements.
W. C. Wolff Company advises caution when reducing the strength of the hammer spring when a pistol is used for any critical situations such as law enforcement. Reduction of the hammer spring may compromise reliability of the firearm.


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