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Firearms safety is your responsibility - always assume your firearm is loaded.  Before handling or working on your gun, make sure ALL ammunition is removed and the chamber of the weapon is empty.  Never point your firearms at anyone.  When ever working on your firearm, wear high quality safety glasses.  If you are not completely comfortable with installing your Wolff springs or you have any questions concerning the safe operation of your firearm, have it serviced by a qualified Gunsmith.


ALWAYS BE CERTAIN THAT YOUR FIREARM IS UNLOADED BEFORE WORKING ON OR CLEANING IT.  Immediately after installing any Wolff Gunspring, or any spring, in any type of firearm that imparts power to a hammer(s), striker(s) or firing pin(s), as the case may be, with the firearm UNLOADED and without any trigger contact, actuate the firearm several times in a vigorous manner to make certain that the hammer(s), striker(s) or firing pin(s) are securely retained in the cocked position prior to let-off.  Also, actuate the safety to determine that it is working properly. 

If during these tests, the hammer(s), striker(s), or firing pin(s) should fail or be released without trigger contact, or the safety does not work properly, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD OR FIRE THE FIREARM until corrective repairs are made.  If any doubts ever exist concerning the safe operation of your firearm(s), consult your local Gunsmith.  The above procedure also applies where recoil, bolt or action springs have been installed as well as with any spring replacement.

NOTE:  Always wear high-quality safety eyeglasses when installing or fitting Wolff Gunsprings, or any springs, to prevent eye injury.  High-quality safety eyeglasses should be used when shooting any firearm.  DO NOT use ammunition exceeding standard factory pressure levels.

NOTE: The use of any aftermarket product in your firearm may limit or void the manufacturer’s warranty.

WARNING  -  Failure to follow this procedure may result in accidental discharge, firearm damage and serious bodily injury.  Always be certain that your firearm is functioning properly before use.

WARNING -  W. C. Wolff Company urges caution when using reduced power hammer or striker springs in firearms, particularly in firearms used for critical applications such as law enforcement.    Reduction of the hammer or striker spring may compromise the reliability of the firearm.

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